Saturday, 17 February 2018

Primal Rage Review

Director: Patrick McGee
Writers: Jay Lee and Patrick McGee

Starring: Casey Gagliardi, Andrew Joseph Montgomery, Marshall Hilton

A newly reunited couple's drive through the Pacific Northwest turns into a nightmare as they are forced to face natures, unsavory locals and a monstrous creature known to the Native Americans as Oh-Mah.

A Bigfoot movie would not normally be my thing but I have to say this independent film from Patrick McGee ticked all the boxes for me. Firstly, the creature is not a simple minded beast but a rather calculated and viscious monster delivering some fantastic kills in the movie. The practical special effects were very impressive I think even Tom Savini would be impressed.

Primal Rage has a great cast. Gagliardi and Montgomery were very likable with great chemistry and Marshal Hilton stood out as the sinister  B.D. The movie is very atmospheric with great tension built with the help of a perfect score .

And may I just say the witch in the movie is exactly what I pictured an evil witch to look like as a kid.


Friday, 12 January 2018

Scream for Summer Review

Directed and written by Cheyenne Gordon
Starring: Mary Watters, Tyler Riley and Alicia M Clark

In a small Ohio town, a group of friends plan to party the summer away now that school has finally ended but a masked killer has other plans.

This low budget independent horror film comes from first time director Cheyenne Gordon. A love letter to the Slasher movies of the 90's. Cheyenne has written a really good story here with a great killer reveal. The movie is very character based but I feel a bit too much time was spent building on their backstories, I see what Cheyenne was doing, making the audience build an affection for each character so we actually care whether they live or die but it made the film seem a little dragged out.

Mary Watters stood out in her role as Sam Willis. Mary is a very natural actress and nothing seems forced in her performance but I am afraid to say there are a few of the cast that could benefit from some acting classes.

The production company behind the movie is Studio 605 but again I feel they let Cheyenne down with bad sound especially during phone call scenes.

All in all, I really like Cheyenne as a dircetor, writer and actor. And keeping in mind this is his first attempt I look forward to seeing his next project hopefully with a different acting crew.


Monday, 8 January 2018

The Crypt Travelgram: Paddywagon Giants Causeway Tour

Ever since I read the story of Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Giants Causeway as a little girl it has always been an item on my Bucket List and I could not have picked a better tour company to go with.

Our day started early at 7.20am with our pick up at the Discover Ireland Office on O'Connell Street. Our bus driver was called 'Val' and believe me when I say this guy should be on stage Live at the Apollo. He was absolutely hilarious. From the minute our journey started Val was full of informative information, hilarious stories and he made all of us on the bus feel like one big happy family.

Our first stop was The Dark Hedges which we all know as Kings Road from the hit TV show Game of Thrones. This was a great photo opportunity being on a real life TV set. Interestingly enough these hedges were planted by the Stuart family in the 18th Century to impress guests upon arrival to their house.

As we traveled along the Causeway Coast Val explained that the piece of land we could spy across the sea was infact the coastline of Scotland, a mere 13 miles away. This is infact one of the most visited destinations in Europe.

Next up was Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge. The scenery here is spectacular. If you wish to cross the rope bridge there is a small fee which goes towards to the up keep of the bridge. Unfortunately the bridge was closed for maintenance so we did not get to cross it but thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and tea rooms.

Next stop was the main attraction, The Giants Causeway. A truly impressive site of perfectly shaped hexagonal columns. There is a visitors centre at the Causeway which is included in your tour price. You can then take a leisurely walk to the Causeway or avail of the bus available to bring you to and from the visitor center which is only one pound. The walk down to the Causeway was spectacular with amazing scenery and when we reached the Causeway it was truly amazing and I could not believe I was finally seeing it!!! 

After the Causeway we had another photo stop at Dunluce Castle which has such a tragic history. The castle hangs over the edge of a cliff and in the 1600's part of the castle fell into the sea killing some of its servants. The spirits of these servants are said to haunt the castle. A perfect little story to bring back for The Crypt.

On our way back to Dublin we had a one hour stop in Belfast City. This was amazing because lucky for us it was the first night of the Christmas Markets. With beautiful lights and that festive feeling, this rounded off our day trip perfectly.

We were back in Dublin by 8.30pm after one of the most enjoyable tours ever. At 7.20 that morning we got on the bus a group of strangers and left a group of friends. Paddywagon Tours are the 2018  winners of The Fleet Bus and Coach Awards and one can see why. With a very comfortable coach, superb Tour Guide and extremely punctual itinerary, I will certainly be going on another Paddywagon Tour in 2018.


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Rock Paper Dead Review

Director: Tom Holland
Writers: Victor Miller & Kerry Fleming
Starring: Michael Madsen, Ari Lehman, Tatum O'Neil, Luke MacFarlane & Jennifer Titus

When you are sent a movie to review from the makers of Friday the 13th, Child's Play and Fright Night, you just know your in for an 80's nostalgic treat and Rock Paper Dead did not disappoint. 

The movie tells the story of Peter 'The Doll Maker' Harris, a serial killer who after ten years has been released from the state hospital for the criminally insane. Peter insisted that his twin brother had made him commit his crimes but there is no record of this person ever existing. Peter finally admits he never had a brother and his psycho therapist believes he is now 'cured'. When Peter moves back into his ancestral home the anguish of his childhood is revealed to us through flashbacks and ghostly visitations. Enter Ashley, Peters new neighbour who awakens old desires and a new game of Rock, Paper, Dead.

This movie is the first in a new horror trilogy and it pays homage to all the great senior legends in the genre who opened the door for so many film makers in horror. You will have fun picking out all the nods to so many of the great horror movies of the 80's.

I was so impressed with John Dugan's performance as Peter's sick paedophile Uncle Charles. He completely creeped me out and truly conveyed the mental instability of the character. Also Luke MacFarlane was superb as the deranged 'Doll Maker.'

Rock Paper Dead is reminiscent of Psycho 2. Peter is a Norman Bates character and you are left second guessing throughout the film. Also if you are just into horrors for the jump scares that is not what this movie focuses on, it is more focused on the story telling and the psychological conditions of its characters. 

This movie definitely comes recommended by The Crypt and how awesome is it to see the great Tom Holland in the directors chair. 


Monday, 12 June 2017

The Crypts Travelgram: Rose of Innisfree Boat Tour

'A Taste of Tranquility'

The Rose of Innisfree Boat Tour is a family run business which has been operating for over 20 years. This tour is a must for those with a passion for the works of W.B. Yeats but even if literature is not your thing you will still enjoy the tour with its breath taking scenery.

The boat has two sailings daily at 12.30pm and 3.30pm (weather permitting) and is also available for private bookings and parties. The Skipper George truly brings the poetry and history of the lake alive with recitals and beautiful music. There is a bar available on the boat as well as tea/coffee and scones and whether you want to sit inside or out, comfortable seating is available. 

Peace and tranquility are two words that come to mind for this trip. I was so relaxed and engrossed in all George had to share. This tour is a must for anyone visiting Sligo and is very reasonably priced. For further details or to make a booking simply click on the link below. 

The Rose of Innisfree Tour 
Full marks at 5/5

Thursday, 1 June 2017

David Chaudoirs 'Bad Acid' Acquired by Amazon

Bad Acid, the short, supernatural social satire, is set to be released on Amazon Video on June 6th, 2017. 

The film, written and directed by David Chaudoir, was acquired by Amazon after winning a competition through the Promax film festival. The film has completed it's festival run where it won best short film at the Popcorn Horror film festival in Glasgow and was screened at the London Short Film Festival and at festivals in Canada and America. 

Reviews: "Bad Acid is an expertly crafted, gleefully told supernatural cautionary tale, and comes highly recommended." Battle Royal With Cheese

 "a fine example of how to stimulate the senses through suggestion rather than brute force" The Slaughtered Bird " a complete and fully realised short, a quintessentially British film" The Other Guy 

"a great film caught somewhere between Tales from the Crypt and Phoenix Nights" Popcorn Horror "Not only is it high on production value, but story wise it would be totally at home in one of the old anthology horror tv series like HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR" Horror News Network 

For more information visit

Monday, 15 May 2017

The Crypts Travelgram: Wild Atlantic Way Day Tours

A Wonderfully Witty, Intellectual and Picturesque Tour of Ireland's Stunning Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Day Tours is just a few short years in operation and they have already established themselves as one of Ireland's premiere tour operators providing personalised day tours to all areas along the worlds longest defined coastal touring routes. I opted for their tour of the smallest of the Aran Islands Inisheer and the spectacular Cliffs of Moher.

The tour departs at 9am from Kinlay Hostel which is just off Eyre Square in Galway. I stayed at the hostel for two nights. This was my first experience staying in a hostel dorm and I was very impressed with it. The hostel was so clean and has a real family enviroment, fantastic fascilities and very helpful friendly staff. A perfect place to lay your head while experiencing all the West has to offer. 

Our tour guide was Phil Davenport who has years of experience in the business. Phil is a mind of information and throughout the route fascinated his audience with historical, economical and local information. His witty sense of humour had the whole bus laughing and before we knew it we had reached our first destination, the fishing town of Doolin where we set sail on the ferry to Inisheer.

The ferry ride only takes half an hour and if you are lucky enough you will get to meet Dusty the Dolphin who often follows the ferry. Unfortunately I did not get to see Dusty but I did get to sit in the captains chair and steer the boat which was a Brucey Bonus for me.

As I mentioned, Inisheer is the smallest of the Aran Isands which are 3 rocky islands guarding the mouth of Galway and are renowned for their ancient sites. The largest of the islands is Inishmore and the second is Inishmaan. 

As we approached the island I was struck by its beauty and I could not wait to explore it. Phil had informed us on the bus that there were numerous ways we could explore the island; by foot, bike or pony and trap. The cost of this is very reasonable. It is only 10euro for either the bike or pony ride. I chose the pony and trap which was extremely enjoyable. Our guide Eanadh told us all about the history of the island and we learned things only a local would know. 

We stopped at the iconic Plassey which is a shipwreck that went down in 1960 and is an integral part of the community. This shipwreck is also featured in the opening credits to Father Ted so of course I am not one to miss a good photo opportunity.

After the pony and trap ride I still had time to explore some of the island by foot and I was really taken by the peace and tranquility that surrounded me and it was also wonderful to hear all the locals speaking in our native tongue. 

I sat by the rocks looking out at the torquoise ocean and promised myself to return and stay a weekend on this gem of an island. It was then time to head back to the ferry for the next leg of the journey. 

The ferry sail back is a real treat for passengers because the boat passes right under the Cliffs of Moher. As Irish music played over the speakers I was truly taken by the beauty that surrounded me and as I looked at O'Briens Tower at the top of Cliffs I could not wait to see the view from the top.

Ireland's most spectacular natural wonder - The Cliffs of Moher stand at 702ft at their highest point just north of O'Briens Tower. The visitor centre has a wonderful gift shop and coffee shop to stop off and get some refreshments before heading out onto the Cliffs. As the sun beamed down and the wild Atlantic crashed against the rocks I started off on my exploration across the cliffs. I climbed to the top of O'Briens Tower which is a great spot to take a picture from not to mention breathtakingly beautiful. 

Being quite scared of heights I took my time walking along the cliffs because when you look down the reality of how high these cliffs are really hits you. To stand at the highest point of the Cliffs of Moher was one of my bucket list items and it certainly did not disappoint.

When we all returned to the bus Phil had one last stop for us on the way home - The Baby Cliffs of Ballyreen. Another stunning location for some more great photo opportunities.

My trip with the Wild Atlantic Way Day Tours is one I will never forget. I had the most amazing day. We all spend so much time exploring other countries and we forget the beauty that is on our own door doorstep. This tour is spectacular and I cannot speak highly enough of our tour guide Phil (Twitter @thetourcreator) who brought so much fun to the trip.

If you wish to book a trip with the Wild Atlantic Way Day Tours and find out what other tours they have available please click on the link below.

Top Marks 5/5