Monday, 18 March 2013

REVIEW: ‘From the Graves of Babes’ by Kevin Lake

REVIEW:   ‘From the Graves of Babes’   by Kevin Lake

From the Graves of Babes is a paranormal story based on true events.

This novel tells the story of Patrick Hanna who has suffered the worst kind of loss anyone could experience….the disappearance of his ten year old daughter. He blames his wife for her disappearance and turns to alcohol to drown his sorrows. With his life spiralling out of control, his marriage ending in divorce and his increasing reliance on alcohol, Patrick decides to go and stay in the old family cabin on Fork Mountain, Richwood, West Virginia and try to heal and find himself again. Patrick starts to see the ghosts of little girls on the mountain and also discovers mysterious unmarked graves. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away so all I will say is that what Patrick intended to be a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of life turns into a battle against a very dark force.

I thought this story was very well written. It was not over descriptive. It drives me mad when an author spends three pages describing how the sun came up over the mountains, I lose interest, but although the author avoided this he still had very good imagery. Lake described his characters very well and you really felt the pain suffered by Patrick and the souls of these little children. The story is rich in Appalachian history. It also had a slight touch of political views which I felt could have been left out but this did not affect the good quality story being told. From the Graves of Babes is the type of book you cannot put down, full of excitement and suspense.  I will definitely be checking out more books from author Kevin Lake.


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