Friday, 12 April 2013

Dark Skies Review

Dark Skies Review

Dark Skies is a good old fashioned supernatural horror directed by Scott Stewart (Legion). It stars Josh Hamilton and Keri Russell as Daniel and Lacy. The couple live in the suburbs and are struggling to make ends meet. Their relationship is suffering and the kids are acting out as a result. Strange things start to happen in their home such as all their family photos disappearing out of their frames, strange marks appear on the kids bodies and the youngest says that the ‘Sandman’ is coming to visit him at night. The family struggle to understand the strange phenomenon happening in their home and soon realise they could be the victims of an alien invasion.

I am not a huge fan of alien movies but this one goes on the exception list. It is full of jumps, most of which are expected but still pack a punch. It is reminiscent of an old 80’s horror with an obvious metaphor for the struggles many families are suffering in these modern times with the global recession. I would say many people watching this movie will relate to the family troubles depicted at the start of the film. I thought Keri Russell was very good in it which surprised me as I was never a fan of her TV show Felicity and I thought this would put me off the movie but surprisingly enough I enjoyed her in it. This flick is definitely worth a watch.


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