Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Haunted Digital Magazine Issue 4 Review

Haunted Magazine Review
Haunted Digital Magazine, the digital magazine that takes a fun and entertaining look at all things scary ghostly and paranormal is proud and excited to have joined forces with the team behind the most successful paranormal TV show ever in the history of TV shows, Most Haunted. Haunted Digital Magazine Issue 5 is now available on pre-order for just 2.99 from the website.

With this fantastic new magazine just about to release their next issue, I decided to take a look back on the contents of issue four to give you guys an idea of what this magazine is all about. With so many segments in this digital magazine, I for one was kept interested throughout. I read it cover to cover in one sitting (this is not like me at all). The following are the various segments in the magazine.

The Noose of the World contains the strange, weird and wonderful unexplained stories reported in 2012. From ghost trains to a house haunted by the Captain of the Titanic, from research on life after death to lost worlds this section will keep you intrigued. All snippets are short and to the point and I particularly enjoyed the section on ghostly reporting’s from celebrities such as Adele and Meryl Streep.

The magazine advertises public paranormal investigations in the UK which is great for those wishing to go on a real life ghost hunt in some of the most renound haunted locations in Britain.

We all remember the 90’s movie ‘Ghost’ starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore where Swayze’s spirit could not pass on until his murderer was found and revealed. In the section, My Bloody Valentine, Haunted reports on those tales of love lost, spurned and betrayed which have caused spirits to linger on after death. My particular favourite was the story of the missing lovers at The Castillo De San Marcos which is in Florida. The story behind the haunting of this 17th century building tells the tale of Dolores the young wife of the fortress commander, Colonel Garcia Marti. The Colonel was a cruel man and his wife was miserable. She fell in love with the Colonels assistant. Due to the fact that Dolores wore a distinctive perfume this gave the Colonel proof of her infidelity when he smelled the perfume on his assistant’s clothes. It was not long before the lovers disappeared with the Colonel telling everyone that his assistant was on an assignment in Cuba and Dolores had returned to Spain. It was not until half a century later that the lover’s skeletons were found in a secret room in the dungeons. The lover’s spirits are said to remain in the dungeon. People have reported smelling Dolores’ perfume and seeing floating orbs of light. I found this to be an eerie and captivating section of the magazine as what’s more haunting than the tragic tales of lovers.

Paranormal Fact or Fiction is a section where the reader is given four paranormal tales and it is up to the reader to decide which is the true story and which is a fable. A fun little section to test your capabilities of picking out fact from fiction. Now that’s what I call Haunted takes the reader on a tour of some of the most haunted locations around the world. These include The Myrtles Plantation in Francisville, Louisianna, The Tower of London, Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, The Queen Mary Ship. Each story is covers the history of its location and also tells exactly what ghostly goings on have happened at each location. A very enjoyable read and a great way for Paranormal Investigations to find out about new locations to explore.

In Wickedpedia they take a close look at palaeontologist Edward Drinker Cope. The next article ‘How to Make a Ghost’ is a fascinating article on an experiment run by The Toronoto Society for Physical Research which test the theory that if you make up a fictional ghost and tell a group of people this ghosts story, would they be able to contact him. Really interesting read. They also take a look at computer game Luigi’s Mansion. The magazine introduces one of their new writers who contributes two great articles on a paranormal investigations she was on and another article that asks the question ‘Is the  Ouija Board Dangerous or just Misunderstood’ I am still unsure as to the answer to this question. Will it ever be answered? Actress Dani Thompson provides a column which serves as a kind of diary as to what she has been up to lately. As I am not familiar with Dani’s work I found this the least interesting part of the magazine but I will check out some of her horror movies listed in the column.

The magazine used the power of social networking to ask the question ‘Why do ghosts wear clothes? I thought this was a great idea because you are allowing fans to become part of the magazine and it provided some great answers to the question. The mag welcomes paranormal groups to contribute stories of their adventures and in this issue it is Red Moon Paranormal UK. This is a great section as there are so many paranormal groups out there it gives them a chance to share their stories. Have you ever heard of Marsden’s Grotto, well Alex Donal Callaghan tells us the history and paranormal activity of the only restaurant in Europe to be situated in a cave. Learn all about Disappearing Object Phenomenon, we have all been victim to this. Putting something down somewhere and it disappears. I think the biggest DOP issue in most houses is our socks…..where the hell do they go…lol………Inventor Thomas Edison was said to have created a machine to talk to ghosts, haunted magazine take a look at the evidence for this in an intriguing article. Thriller and occult writer Sir Desmond Stirling contributes an article which includes details of his writing career and author Richard Jones (Haunted London) is interviewed by Dani as she takes a trip on one of his haunted tours of London. I was excited to find out in this interview that a memorable paranormal adventure he had was at Moore Hall (just a few miles from my house) where he heard children’s laughter.

We are all aware of the picture released that saw Valentina Lomborg capture a ghostly picture aboard the haunted ship The Queen Mary. Valentina gives an account of how she caught this figure on camera. Then we came to one of my favourite articles….the story of Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Elizabeth was a psychopath who believed bathing in the blood of young maidens would keep her looking young. She tortured peasant girls in unimaginable ways. This article was a fantastic read.

 Like Top Gear has The Stig, Haunted Magazine has the Secret Ghost Hunter who wants to lift the lid on paranormal research and investigation. In this article he talks about the extortionate prices some venues and investigators charge to go on a paranormal investigation. Roxy Orcutt goes through the top ten paranormal hotties….will you agree with most of them though??

In the final pages of the magazine we have some great interviews with a male witch and John Gilmore. It looks at telekinesis and EVP. This magazine is jam packed with interesting articles. Of 132 pages there was only one section that did not excite me. From old ghost stories to interviews this is a magazine that every fan of the paranormal just has to read. You will learn so many facts you may not have been aware of and maybe pick up some new tips for your paranormal investigations. I absolutely loved this magazine. It is written in a very conversational tone which is enjoyable and all I can say is GO BUY IT!!!!


  1. Thank-you for the review, pleased that you like the magazine and what we're trying to do with it!!

  2. You are very welcome Paul and I wish you the best of luck with it....not that you'll need it because it will be a hit!!!