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Haunted Digital Magazine Issue 6 Review

Haunted Digital Magazine Issue 6 Review

Haunted Digital Magazine is back for another great issue. This magazine is a must have for all fans of the paranormal with a great mix of articles that keeps you interested from cover to cover. One section that is always one of my favourites in HDM is ‘Noose of the World’ which gives you numerous paranormal incidents from around the world. One of the stories that fascinated me from this section was that of the Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland. Many dogs have jumped to their death from this bridge. In 1994 a man threw his baby son off the bridge. It is believed that this bridge is a barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead. This is just one of the stories in this section that will make the hair stand on the back of your neck.

Charles W. Bryant takes a look at five haunted hotels and the tale that most intrigued me here was the story of ‘Murder Castle’. This was a hotel built by Dr H.H. Holmes. Holmes was a cheat and a fraud and this hotel he designed had some really unusual features which included doors that led to nothing, rooms without windows, trap doors and hidden passageways. Guests were tortured and murdered in this hotel. Holmes who claimed to be possessed by the devil was eventually caught through insurance fraud and is known as one of America’s first serial killers. The hotel was burned to the ground and became a post office.

The popular section ‘Ask Yvette’ sees Yvette Fielding of the TV show Most Haunted answer some of the reader’s questions. Yvette tells us about her husband Karl’s hard work to bring Most Haunted back to our screens and talks about which celebrities were the most fun to work with on the show. Simon Healy talks about the social media pages he has set up for the fans of MH and tells us about some of the negativity and bullying that can go on which has led to him blocking some people from the page. Unfortunately this is one of the downfalls of social media, you can meet so many supportive people but then this leaves you open to those who like to ridicule also.

‘The Rules of Fright Club’ is such an interesting section as it tells you various facts about ghosts. One of these fascinating facts was that the reason spirits can be available in photographs is because cameras detect a broader spectrum of energy than the human eye. This section is great for aspiring ghost hunters. Fans of Terry Pratchett will be delighted to see an exclusive interview with the fantasy author. He talks about his novels, astronomy, but does he believe in ghosts?? Harry Houdini is one of the most famous escape artists in the world and Philip Solomen discusses the possibility that Houdini was in fact a medium/psychic. This was a great article where I learned some facts I did not know about the great Houdini.

Von Callaghan tells us everything we need to know about the great Kilmainham Gaol one of Irelands most infamous paranormal hot spots! The recent Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ featured the spooky Wollathan Hall, Nottingham and Lee Roberts takes a look at the story behind the haunting of Wollathan Hall, the grey figure that is seen staring from the windows and what happened the crew during the making of the Batman movie. A great read!! Demonologist Fred Batt takes a look at The Black Mass which is a magical ceremony mocking God and worshipping the devil that was said to involve human sacrifice. This is a dark tale I really enjoyed reading.
In the last issue of HDM Fred Batt gave an introduction to the Wiccan Religion and in this edition he provides us with a list of the tools one would need to practice witchcraft. Fred also tells us about a night he spent in Castle Houska in Prague for a live MH show and you will not believe what happened to him? Each issue will feature one of Fred’s amazing experiences that you do not want to miss.

Other great articles include ‘The Slender Man’ and a great article on The Tower of London. Karl Beattie is set to ruffle some feathers in this issue as he discusses the ego’s that exist within the paranormal community, the fakes who are out there claiming to have psychic abilities and the abuse which exists within paranormal groups on social networks. It is so true what Karl says….people with an interest in the paranormal should be working together not against each other in egotistical wars of words on these sites. The magazine also takes a look at the Halloween capital of the world….the town of Anoka, Minnesota.

Earlier this year on my blog I wrote an article on ‘Cursed Movies’ an area that fascinates me so I was delighted to see an article on the allegedly cursed movie ‘The Omen’, you will be shocked at some of these stories. There is so much content in this magazine. From cover to cover it is jam packed with articles that will entertain you and some that will shock you. I would love to see this magazine in print form again as it would fly off the shelves. At just 2.99 this is a bargain!!!!!!!!

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