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Haunted Digital Magazine Issues 7 & 8 Review

Haunted Digital Magazine Issues 7 & 8 Review

Haunted Digital Magazine is back with a jam packed trick or treat double issue release. As usual, it entertains cover to cover.

Issue 7
Have you ever thought you have seen someone you know but know it can’t possibly be them as they are miles away from you? Well, Dawn Louise Jones shares some stories of this phenomenon and explains this crisis apparition studied by ghost researchers.
Yvette Fielding from Most Haunted is back with her popular section where fans get to ask her questions. This is a great feature in the magazine for the fans of the popular TV show.

Lee Roberts takes a look at The Mysterious Ghost Girl of Sherwood Forest. Lee tells the tale of a paranormal investigation he undertook in Sherwood Forest where they found activity which could prove the existence of the ghost of this little girl who was left to fend for herself in the forest many moons ago.

The Secret Ghost hunter section is always an interesting read as he lifts the lid on paranormal research and investigation. This issue he looks at a group called The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP)

Those who practice Wicca (Witchcraft) are always associated with devil worshipping as people are ignorant to the belief system of this religion which is why I always enjoy Fred Batts section on Witchcraft and in this issue he discusses the Sabbaths, the elements and a monthly spell.

Wickedpedia in this issue takes a look at the first fraudulent psychic mediums, The Fox Sisters who were successful mediums in the 1800’s until their sister Margaret admitted it was all a hoax. Great read.

Paranormal fact or fiction is a fun section where you are given four stories and you have to figure out which one of them is totally made up.
So many of us are fascinated with serial killers (worrying?) Karl Beatties section Crime and Execution is one of my favourite parts of the magazine where he gives accounts of infamous multiple murderers.

Fans of The Conjuring will hopefully enjoy my contribution to this issue where I tell the true story of The Harrisville Haunting that the movie was based on. All information came directly from Andrea Perron the eldest of the Perron girls. I also penned a feature on one of the most active paranormal investigation teams on the scene at the moment – Down Paranormal.

This issue is 98 pages long and these are just some of my highlights. Now let’s look at Issue 8.

Issue 8

This is the Halloween edition with fantastic art work and what better way to open the magazine than with the story of what Halloween is all about. This was followed by an informative section for the wannabe ghost hunter on what to do if you see a ghost.

The preserved Yokai of Japan is a fascinating read about mummified monsters in Japan. Another favourite feature of mine was the story of the origins of the Jack-O-Lantern. I always hear people say that Halloween has become so popular and the whole American idea of decorating is spreading across Ireland but it was in fact the Irish who brought the idea of the Jack-O-Lantern to the states.

The story of The Mothman became popular after the Richard Gere movie. In this issue Karen Rontowski takes a look at this crypto zoological creature.

Most Haunted Fans will be delighted to see that Haunted Digital Magazine went behind the scenes in the making of one of the programmes up and coming online shows.

In issue 7 we seen the true story behind The Conjuring and this issue covers the true story of Annabelle the doll that features at the start of the movie. A story that makes me freak out even more about spooky looking dolls.

We are all aware of the Salem Witch Trials but did you know that over 3000 people were murdered for being witches in Scotland just a few hundred years ago. MJ Steel Collins tells this gruesome tale.

Lee Roberts tells his story of the investigations into Clifton Hall which is known as the UK version of The Amityville Horror. I have to visit this place!! Another great haunting tale included is that of the Epworth Poltergeist which was the first officially recorded poltergeist activity in 1716.

Two issues came out on the same day and they are equally superb. You will read every section of these magazines because the content is of such high quality. Covering a wide range of topics Haunted Digital Magazine never disappoints.

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