Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Wonderpedia - March Issue Review

Science, mind and body, nature, world events and history. Wonderpedia is once again jam packed with fascinating articles that will amaze.

The magazine opens with a shocking article about mixed martial arts - for Kids!! In the united states alone more than three million children participate in the worlds most brutal sport. Wonderpedia gives a break down of the facts of this shocking sport for children.

One of the worlds least researched ocean residents is the Brydes Whale and Wonderpedia shares the known facts about this fascinating creature along with stunning photographs.

I love the variation in topics in the magazine. As you turn the page from the Brydes Whale you are straight into a riveting article on Egypt's Valley of the Kings, looking at topics like; How do you build a tomb for eternity? Did the Pharaoh fall victim to a conspiracy and Is there a Pyramid in The Valley of the Kings? The wide variation in topics keeps you hooked from cover to cover.

The advances in genetic epidemiology is nothing short of amazing and so you will read in the article, 'The Secret Code in a Drop of Blood', it is astonishing the amount of information that can be found in a persons blood. Genetic medicine is still in its infancy but reading this article it also makes you consider the dangers of being able to get such a large amount of information about a person from one tiny drop of blood.

As someone who likes to go on paranormal investigations from time to time my favourite article this month had to be, 'What the Night Does to Your Brain,' covering topics like; how the darkness effects your brain, how darkness influences your body rhythm  and does the night encourage killers to run loose. This is a must read. 

Wonderpedia is always an intriguing read and has a little something for everyone.

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