Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Haunted Digital Magazine Issue X Review

Whenever I get the new issue of Haunted Digital Magazine I am so excited to see what delights lie within and now that The Crypt has its own section in the mag...its even more exciting.

The new design of the magazine is a feast for the eyes and as usual is jam packed with informative articles for fans of the paranormal. Interest in the paranormal began for many with the hugely successful TV series Most Haunted but who were the pioneers who brought the paranormal to public interest in Victorian Times. HDM has a new series of articles dedicated to these pioneers and it starts here with English newspaper editor Willaim Thomas Stead.

Lee Roberts wrote a fascinating article about an investigation he did in the caves below Nottingham City. Now I did not know these caves existed and after reading about the activity encountered by Lee and his group it is most certainly a place I want to visit. Speaking of locations I want to visit, Rachel Leathers tells the tale of Hex, a ride at Alton Towers said to be haunted by the Earl of Shrewsbury. Yet another good feature of HDM, you get to learn about haunted locations you may not have heard of before.

In the brand new section by yours truly, The Crypt, I take a look at three notorious female vampires Elizabeth Bathory, Lilith and Dearg Due. I think anyone interested in vampires will find this to be an interesting read.

I have to mention the poem featured  by Chris Ankin called The Morticians Tale, eerie, dark and it gave me goosebumps and I would recommend checking out his website

I always love The Secret Ghosthunters Files. Who is he??? I myself have been on an investigation with a team who could make just about anything paranormal. This does my head in. I'd rather go on an investigation and have nothing happen all night and go home knowing I've experienced the truth than suffer the theatrics of paranormal rock stars. The Secret Ghosthunter knows the deal with these guys and he or she always has a great tale to tell.

One of my favorite sections in this issue had to be the post mortem photos from Victorian times. These have to be some of the creepiest photos I have ever seen. Why the hell would you photograph the can you remember your loved ones as they were with these images stuck in your head.

Another section I wrote in this issue is about cursed movies. In this article I talk about movies such as Poltergeist, The Omen and Superman who were all allegedly cursed. There are some truly unbelievable incidents that happened, coincidence or curse? I'll let you decide.

Spread throughout the issue are two lines scares and these are seriously creepy and a new feature to the mag that I love.

I won't spoil the issue by telling you every section. These are just some of my highlights but I will say that Haunted Digital Magazine just seems to get better every issue and if you are a fan of the paranormal its a must buy!!!

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