Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie

Director: Ben Kellett
Writer: Brendan O'Carroll

Mrs Brown is a loud mouthed Dub with a heart of gold who loves nothing more than meddling in the lives of her 6 children. Played by Brendan O'Carroll, Mrs Brown is a massively successful TV show in the UK and Ireland and it has now hit the big screen.

In D'Movie, a company want to buy up all the stalls on Moore Street to make way for a new development. At the same time Mrs Brown owes a massive tax bill so the race is on to solve Mrs Browns tax problem and save her stall.

When I see Mrs Brown she always reminds me of my Granny who was a true Dub and because of that I totally get this character. There is no sense of humour as great as the Dublin sense of humour which I felt came across so well on the big screen. I seen many other reviews saying the gags were old but how can you convey this Dublin character by using anything else. Every Dub will know a Mrs Brown and I thought the film was hilarious. As in the TV show she interacts with the audience via the camera and they left in the odd mistake here and there which is always highly entertaining. But aside from the comedy, Brendan O'Carroll really knows how to warm the audiences heart with a good old fashioned monologue, he communicates what family means, what it means to be part of a community and what Dublin truly is all about. 

It is very hard for a TV show to make that jump from the small screen to the big and I think Brendan O'Carroll did a great job. And if ya don't like it, ya can feic off lol.


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