Monday, 6 July 2015

Terminator Genisys Review



John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor, but when he arrives in 1984, nothing is as he expected it to be (IMDB)

Going in to the latest installment in the Terminator franchise I had heard the reviews were not great so my expectations weren't too high. But, it actually wasn't that bad. It took me a bit to get my head around the whole change in the timeline so I think if this was the first movie in the franchise that you watch then you would be very muddled as to whats going on.

The movie is no comparison to the original two movies but it was still quite fun and action packed. Unfortunately its 12A rating starved us of the blood and gore this killing machine that is the terminator should have provided us with. Arnie provided the audience with quite a few funny one liners which I expected and was not disappointed. 

Over all, not the greatest movie of the year but defo worth a watch. And this has to be the final one in the franchise because it cannot be bled completely dry with another installment, there is no where left to go with it. SO STOP!!!
I give it 3/5

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