Friday, 25 September 2015

Solace Review: SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Director: Alfonso Poyart
Starring: Colin Farrell, Anthony Hokins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Abbie Cornish

Solace tells the tale of Dr. John Clancy (Hopkins) a retired civilian analyst enlisted by the FBI to help them catch a serial killer using his gift of second sight. Clancy is morning the death of his daughter who had died from Leukemia and at first is reluctant to help but when he gets a vision of psychology specialist and partner to his former colleague Katherine Cowles (Cornish) being killed he soon changes his mind. The killer Charles Ambrose played by Colin Farrell also has the gift of second sight and is two steps ahead of them at every turn. The team soon realise that all the victims have one thing in common, they were all dying from diseases that would ultimately lead to a slow painful death and these killings were mercy killings in the eyes of the Ambrose. The race is then on to stop him which leads to a showdown on a train where his true motive behind his interest in Clancy is revealed.

I was so excited to see this movie but was left feeling so disappointed. We have seen so many movies with a psychic helping the FBI to catch a killer but the idea of the killer also having these powers was brilliant and with better writing this could have been right up there with Seven and Silence of the Lambs but unfortunately it fell flat. Hopkins done his best with what he had and Farrell did not even appear in the film until the hour mark. I thought Abbie Cornish was woeful with no likability at all but then was it her or the weak script.

I did not like the cinematography at all. There were too many close up shots and the splitting of characters into various images of themselves was plain annoying. We were treated to some gruesome moments with the killings and I felt adding a lot more scenes like this would have made the movie more exciting with the shock factor. 

On a deeper level, dealing with the social issue of mercy killings was handled quite well. When faced with the fact that a loved one is going to suffer in their final days what choice would any of us make if asked to prevent the suffering. Both answers to this question was dealt with and I found it quite emotional when Hopkins stated that those final days become a comfort to you when they are gone and how special that time is. 

I wouldn't say don't watch it because its not dreadful but personally I'd wait until its the Friday night movie on TV3.

A disappointing 2/5


  1. Don't agree with any of this criticism. The script and cast are brilliant and the editing and cinematography are both unique and a breath of fresh air. Abbie Cornish's character wasn't meant to be Miss
    Personality; she's FBI and anyone attracted to that profession has issues. She says it all when she tells Clancy (Hopkins), "I get to carry a gun." To which Hopkins replies sarcastically, "Sexy".

    1. Agreed, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

  2. Ok so the Colin Farrell character didn't really exist. He was a manifestation of Hopkins mental illness. Hopkins did the murders. You know, post surgical scar on upper left cranial region. Magical appearances No one relates to Farrell except Hopkins. Etc.

    1. That's what I thought, too. Had to watch the ending twice. But Hopkin's post-surgical scar did not appear until the end. And the guy with secanol poisoning said "guys" plural, so he did see two people. That whole ashtray to the forehead thing was weird, too. "Didn't see that coming."

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