Monday, 26 October 2015

Haunted Spooktacular Horror Farm: A Fear Fueled Feast for the Adrenaline Junkie!!!

It goes without saying that I am a massive horror fan so when I discovered that Ireland had its very scare attraction, Haunted Spooktacular Horror Farm in Kells County Meath it was my mission to make the trip and experience all the farm had to offer. So last night both myself and members of The Mayo Horror Society hit the road ready to  face all that goes bump in the night.

From the moment you enter the attraction all your senses are attacked. Through various stages of the walk you go from pitch black cabins, to intense strobe lighting and you have to feel your way around touching all sorts to navigate through the rooms. The actors are absolutely amazing. Before going in I thought because I know these are actors will I actually find them freaky. Well the performance from these guys is so good that you actually forget it's not real as you scream like a nutjob trying to get away from them. There is a jump scare around every corner and never think you are safe because you never know what is coming next. 

The new additions to the attraction this year including Asylum, School House Massacre and Hillbilly Horrors at Redneck Creek were beyond amazing. Girls were actually crying and afraid to enter some of the rooms because it was so realistic. You could smell the petrol from the chainsaw and ran for your life as you were attacked by these maniacs who in the moment might as well have been Leatherface himself because the further you get into the attraction the more you allow yourself become part of the story. 

I have never screamed so loud with fear and laughed so hysterically all at the same time in my life. As we reached the end of the walk through you enter a room where a live band are playing (who were fantastic) and you can get a cup of tea, crepes and even an Apache pizza. So we grabbed a cup of tea and I had to go outside and a have a ciggy to calm my nerves and then we saw it. 'ALONE' the brand new addition to the attraction which as the name suggests, can only be experienced alone. We were extremely apprehensive whether we should take on this challenge especially after reading the waver you must sign which includes rules and terms and conditions such as:

  • Alone is graphically disgusting, offensive, sexually explicit, crude, vulgar and extremely adult in nature. Therefore the easily offended and those who are faint of heart must not enter.
  • You must be prepared to experience verbal abuse, humiliation and extreme language
  • You must be in good physical shape and be able to climb quickly onto a bed without aid
  • Alone is an interactive experience. You must follow all instructions given by the orderlies at all times.
  • This attraction includes a claustrophobic crawl space in which you will have to crawl on your hand and knees 
  • We will not be held liable for poo and wee marks or scuffs on your clothing which result from having undertaken these experiences
  • You must be prepared to experience various forms of psychological, emotional and sensory torture with ZERO retaliation. 

But after travelling all the way from Mayo there was no way we were going home without having the FULL experience of haunted spooktacular horror farm. So in we went. Now I can't go into details of what went on inside Alone as it would ruin it for those of you willing to take on the challenge but what I will say is I felt like I was actually in a horror movie. If you are claustrophobic then this is not for you as they place a black hood over your head. It was such a surreal experience and the actors were astounding and really make you suffer. Haunted Spooktacular really outdid themselves with ALONE.

It is now the following day and I am still pumped with adrenaline from last night and cannot stop talking about this superb scare attraction. I cannot recommend it highly enough to people. Here is what Liz King and Dee Mulroe members of the Mayo Horror Society thought of their exerience.

Liz King: 'Yesterday I was apprehensive. I had agreed to go to Haunted Spooktacular in Kells,with my sister Dee Mulroe. I wasn't sure what to expect or if I would regret that decision. I have to say that I am so glad that I went and I will definitely go again, to say it was a fun evening is an understatement, if you love Halloween and you are an adrenaline junkie, you simply cannot miss this experience. I would say that it is just a freak fest for the senses, I am still buzzing today. The organisers have left nothing out, it is so well constructed and takes in most of the cult horror movies, I can't say enough about how much fun the evening was. If you want to have a great evening out with friends and you like a good scare, then don't miss this event. I was blown away that we have something of this caliber in Ireland, well done to the people behind this,and thanks again to Dee and Rita Scott for making it such fun'

Dee Mulroe: 'As a horror fan for as long as I can remember I can honestly say that I was delighted to go to Haunted Spectacular. I scoured the net to try and see what was I was about to enter into but I couldn't find much. Regardless I tried to prepare myself on the 2 1/2 hour journey by telling myself its not real, its just an experience and was sure that if i kept that in my mind that I would be fine.

Well I was fine but I was scared beyond my highest expectations. I became the person that I normally shout at in the horror movies, I made silly mistakes and I became a complete submissive with the thought of just wanting out!!!
I decided that after the main attraction I hadn't had enough and that I would enter “Alone” so as not to regret it. I will never EVER enter it again. I cannot divulge what happened within but I will say this - people who has been submitted to psychological warfare will forever be in my highest admirations. I shudder at the thought of the things that occurred in there, I will never forget what I heard, felt, touched and had done to me. It leaves you feeling like you are in the middle of your worst nightmare and no matter what you build yourself up for you will not be prepared.'

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