Sunday, 24 January 2016

Captive Review - Irish horror from Director SPK

The year is 2021 and 12 strangers have been chosen for a game that will see
only one of them survive over twenty-four hours. The killer game which sees
each of them infected with a virus that will only do one thing without the
cure......kill. The virus isn't like any other as some of the chosen change
to a demon type creature. Captive is a chilling story of 12 strangers (lead
by The Pigman Murder's Mark Hutchinson's character Dean) as he tries to
guide 11 others through a series of tasks if they are to get a cure for a
killer virus that they all seem to be infected with. With the clock counting
down from 24 hours they have to make some decisions that will haunt them for
the rest of their the decisions get harder, characters are
broken while others stand up and become leaders but only one of them can
survive this.

Written, Produced & Directed by Stephen Patrick Kenny (The Pigman Murders)

Following on from last years successful Pigman Murders, Galway writer and director Stephen Patrick Kenny brings us his second contribution to the Irish independant horror scene. Filmed over 48 hours in a dark underground setting, SPK succeeded in what he does best and that is creating an intense atmosphere throughout the movie. Captive is not an original concept. The minute you start watching it you think 'Saw' straight away but SPK brought in a twist of a reanimating virus  which leads the story in a different direction to what you expect at the start. I felt some of the acting was a bit Fair City for my liking but actors such as Mark Hutchinson and Bernie Kavanagh held it together for the rest of the cast. I dont think Captive was a good as The Pigman Murders but held my attention throughout and isnt a bad movie. Captive was made on a budget of just 80,000euro so I would love to see what SPK could do with a high budget movie. Captive is set for release this April and all in all is worth a watch.

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