Monday, 21 March 2016

Sing Street Review


 John Carney


 John Carney


 Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Aidan Gillen and Maria Doyle Kennedy

Sing Street tells the story of a teenage boy Connor Lawler growing up in 1980's Dublin. He comes from an upper middle class family but like most families in the 80s they fell upon hard times. To make cut backs they move Connor to a new school where he instantly becomes an outcast and when a young beautiful girl who lives in a home for girls across from his school catches his eye he decides to form a band with a group of fellow outcasts to try to impress her by having her star in their music video. 

Sing Street brings you right back to the John Hughes teen movies of the 80's and it has everything you would want in a film like this, heart, humour and a killer soundtrack. 

When Connor forms his band they don't really know what style they want to be so he calls it futuristic and then through Connors brother introducing him to all his heroes, the band experiment with each style until they find their own. The story is beautifully told and we are really brought along with them on their journey of artistic awakening. 

But this movie won't just appeal to the over 30's, the teens of today will really enjoy it too. I brought my little girl with me and she loved it. I think I spent most of the movie singing along to the fantastic music but along with the songs we all know and love there are also some fantastic original tracks.

Sing Street is a movie that Ireland should be proud of and I can't see many people not loving it.


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