Friday, 15 April 2016

The Crypt's TravelGram Titanic Belfast Review

I remember when I was around 8 years old, my Dad bought me a collection of Disney books, one of which was an encyclopedia. Within its pages was the story of the great unsinkable ship, TITANIC. I was completely taken by the tragic story of this luxurious ship who on her maiden voyage sank after hitting on iceberg on the night of April 14th through to the morning of April 15th 1912 resulting in the death of 1503 passengers and crew.

Then in my teens when the movie Titanic was released it became a movie I watched over and over again, not just because of the love story between Jack and Rose but the story of all those people who set sail with hopes and dreams of a new life only to loose their life on that starlit moonless night.

So of course to start off my new segment on the radio show called The Crypt's Travelgram where I visit and review unique locations and attractions throughout Ireland, Titanic Belfast had to be my first port of call.

Have a listen to the link below for my review of this amazing attaction with PR and Communications Executive from Titanic Belfast Sarah Hamilton-Cardy. Titanic Belfast was an item on my Bucket List and it surpassed all my expectations. Both myself and my ten year old little girl had the time of our lives and I cannot recommend this interactive experience highly enough. 5/5 just click play below to hear all about it.

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