Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Tour Review

Directors: Alex Mathieson and Damon Rickard
Starring: Jessica Cameron, Heather Dorff and Tom Gordon

Darkmoor Manor is England's most haunted house, it's doors are closed to the public. It is now just part of a tour which attracts visitors to a struggling town. That is until the tour guide, trying to impress two attractive American tourists promises to get them inside. But none of them could be prepared for what was waiting within the shadows of the house.

I was very impressed with this 15 minute short. An excellent storyline with a score and cinematography that captured the atmosphere perfectly. 

Casting can sometimes be my issue with some of the shorts I see but this was cast perfectly with two actresses who are very well known in the independent horror genre, Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff (Truth or Dare, Mania). The two girls are best friends off screen and their chemistry comes across on screen. I also thought Tom Gordon was excellent as the tour guide. Great performances all round.

Even though this was a short it really felt like a complete movie if that makes any sense. The tension build up and climax were brilliant and if this is what these guys can do in 15 minutes then give me the ticket for their first feature now!!!


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