Monday, 18 July 2016

Bad Acid Review

Directer: David Chaudoir
Starring: Tiffany Haynes, Tristan Beint and Madeleine Bowyer

We all know the old cliche be careful what you wish for and this is a lesson hypnostist Marvin Maskelyn (Beint) learns the hard way in this brilliant short by David Chaudoir.

Marvin is a washed up TV magician and hypnotist desperate to recapture his fame. He acquires a magic lamp and some dodgy LSD but his vision of fame is not quite what he anticipated.

Chaudoir had stated this short was a love letter to the old Hammer Horrors and Amicus Production films of the 70's and it truly was reminiscent of these classics which hold a place in the hearts of us horror fans. Chaudoir achieved so much in this 18 minute short, with a great script, the storyline keeps you interested from start to finish ending with a great climax to the tale.

The cast of this short were excellent. With a stand out performance by the main character Marvin played by Tristan Beint. 

With a limited budget Chaudoir had great visual effects and a score that fitted perfectly with the tone of the film.

David Chaudoir certainly is on my one to watch list and I give Bad Acid 5/5

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