Saturday, 29 October 2016

Haunted Spooktacular Review 2016

Last weekend Mayo Horror Society, myself and competition winners from the show headed off to Haunted Spooktacular Horror Farm in Kells County Meath for a good oul fright night at Ireland's most talked about scare attraction and we were not disappointed!!

This was my second year attending the farm and the fact that we all travelled a round trip from Mayo in one night to HS should tell you how much we loved it. It is worth every second of the trip. 

Firstly the layout was different from last year so even if you have been before its a new experience and you don't know whats lurking around each bend or what scene is through each door, so I jumped just as much as I did last year. The whole set up of HS is so impressive and you can clearly see all the work that goes into it. The actors were brilliant and the deeper into the attraction you get the more immersed in the story you become. You will scream in fear and laugh your head off all at the same time lol.

The Corn Fields were a new addition to the farm this year and one of my favourite parts. I did not feel at ease for one second walking through here and when the little girl ghost and her feicn twin showed up the screams echoed across Kells. Dark, Eerie and your mind plays many tricks on you.

Also added to the mix this year were magicians Andy James and The Conn Artist to entertain the crowd. These guys just blew us all away. Absolutely amazing tricks that left us wanting to see more.

Alone, the over 18 segment of the attraction which must be endured 'Alone' is back again this year. Before you enter Alone you have to sign a waiver. This is a full on intense horror experience so you must remember that before entering. I won't go into details as it would ruin it for people but you are basically the victim in a nightmare scene. While I did enjoy Alone and laughed a lot I thought last years scenario was better and more intense.

So if you want a good scare this Halloween make sure you make the trip to Haunted Spooktacular Horror Farm. It is the best craic you will have over the holiday period.

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