Saturday, 11 February 2017

Havenhurst Review

Starring: Julie Benz, Belle Shouse, Josh Stamberg & Doug Tait
Special appearance by Danielle Harris
Director: Andrew C. Erin

'Saw meets The People Under the Stairs' - The Crypt

I first heard about Havenhurst during an interview with Douglas Tait back in 2014 so it has been on my radar for a while. The movie is based on H.H. Holmes, one of the worlds first documented serial killers and his murder castle. 

So what is the movie about? Jackie (Julie Benz) a recovering alcoholic takes up residence in an old gothic apartment building which from the get go seems a little off. Her friend Danielle who also stayed in the same building has gone missing and her search for Danielle leads Jackie to learning the truth of the buildings history and the dark force that dwells within it's walls.

I really enjoyed Havenhurst. The opening scenes starred everyone's favourite Scream Queen Danielle Harris who gave an awesome performance and super opening to the movie. The cast gave great performances all round and there was plenty of jump scares to keep the tension throughout. The kills were gruesome and creative and this was a very enjoyable horror but my critique would most definitley be that the climax to the story could have been more explosive. I was quite excited to see a horror based on H.H. Holmes but I felt they did not develop this part of the story enough.

Doug Tait played the villian well and certainly gave Julie Benz a man handling she won't forget lol

I give Havenhurst 3.5/5

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