Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Rock Paper Dead Review

Director: Tom Holland
Writers: Victor Miller & Kerry Fleming
Starring: Michael Madsen, Ari Lehman, Tatum O'Neil, Luke MacFarlane & Jennifer Titus

When you are sent a movie to review from the makers of Friday the 13th, Child's Play and Fright Night, you just know your in for an 80's nostalgic treat and Rock Paper Dead did not disappoint. 

The movie tells the story of Peter 'The Doll Maker' Harris, a serial killer who after ten years has been released from the state hospital for the criminally insane. Peter insisted that his twin brother had made him commit his crimes but there is no record of this person ever existing. Peter finally admits he never had a brother and his psycho therapist believes he is now 'cured'. When Peter moves back into his ancestral home the anguish of his childhood is revealed to us through flashbacks and ghostly visitations. Enter Ashley, Peters new neighbour who awakens old desires and a new game of Rock, Paper, Dead.

This movie is the first in a new horror trilogy and it pays homage to all the great senior legends in the genre who opened the door for so many film makers in horror. You will have fun picking out all the nods to so many of the great horror movies of the 80's.

I was so impressed with John Dugan's performance as Peter's sick paedophile Uncle Charles. He completely creeped me out and truly conveyed the mental instability of the character. Also Luke MacFarlane was superb as the deranged 'Doll Maker.'

Rock Paper Dead is reminiscent of Psycho 2. Peter is a Norman Bates character and you are left second guessing throughout the film. Also if you are just into horrors for the jump scares that is not what this movie focuses on, it is more focused on the story telling and the psychological conditions of its characters. 

This movie definitely comes recommended by The Crypt and how awesome is it to see the great Tom Holland in the directors chair. 


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