Interviews Archive

Interview with Chesney Hawkes

Interview with Garry Christian of
The Christians

Interview with Suzi Quatro

Interview with Clive Jackson of 
Doctor and the Medics

Interview with Carol Decker of T'Pau

Interview with Amy Steel - Friday the 13th Part 2, April Fools Day

Interview with Scream Queen Dee Wallace

Interview with A Nightmare on Elm Street production designer
Mick Strawn

Interview with Adrienne King
AKA Alice from Friday the 13th

Interview with Michael Berryman
The Hills Have Eyes

Interview with Ira Heiden
From A Nightmare on Elm Street
Dream Warriors

Interview with Zoe Kavanagh
Director of
Taryn Barker
Demon Hunter

Interview with Tammy Lauren from
Wes Cravens

Interview with Death House Director
Harrison Smith

Interview with Christopher Landon
Director of Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Interview with Independent Film Maker
John Borowski

Interview with Matt Farnsworth the director of
The Orphan Killer

Interview with Independent Film makers
Damon Rickard and Alex Mathieson

Interview with the director of The Funhouse Massacre
Andy Palmer

Interview with Independent Film Maker
Scott Lyus

Interview with Irish Independent Film Maker
Paddy Murphy

Interview with John Schneider
aka Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard
Jonathan Kent from Smallville

Interview with Gary Smart from
Dead Mouse Productions
RE: the brand new Fright Night Documentary, 
You're So Cool Brewster

Interview with Director Katie Bonham

Interview with John Dugan 
AKA Grandpa from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Interview with horror author Anthony Crowley

Interview with Simon Bamford
AKA Butterball from Hellraiser

Krypt Tapes Interview with Angel Croitor

Interview with Lisa Wilcox
Alice from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4&5

Interview with Teri McMinn
Pam from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Interview with Robert Rusler
Weird Science, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Sometimes They Come Back

Interview with Barbie Wilde the female cenobite from Hellbound: Hellraiser 2

Interview with writer and director Tom Holland (Psycho 2, Fright Night, Childs Play)

Interview with Alex Vincent from Child's Play 1&2

Interview with Illusionist, Magician and Escape Artist
Steve Spade

Interview with Ari Lehman the first Jason from Friday the 13th

 Interview with Hollywood Puppeteer Mark Bryan Wilson

 Interview with Nicholas Vince The Chattering Cenobite from Hellraiser

Interview with Jennifer Rubin AKA Taryn from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3

Interview with Christine Elise AKA Kyle from Childs Play 2

Interview with Laura Willoughby, John Kera, Del O'Sullivan and James Patrick Ward re: Awakening (Suspense thriller being filmed in Ireland this spring)

Interview with Todd Farmer the guy who put Jason in Space

Interview with Chris Sun
Director of Charlies Farm

Interview with Doug Tait 
who played Jason in the climax of Freddy V's Jason

Interview with Ken Sagoes 
AKA Kincaid from Nightmare on Elm Street 3

Interview with Mark Patton
 AKA Jesse from A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

Interview with Jeff Jerome RE: Edgar Allan Poe

Interview with Victoria Price daughter of the legend that is Vincent Price

Anne Rice Interview: author of The Vampire Chronicles

Interview with Dacre Stoker great grand nephew of Bram Stoker

Andrew Divoff star of Wes Cravens Wishmaster talks to me about his career and passion for enviromental issues.

Everybody's favorite Jason, I talk to Kane Hodder about this iconic role, Victor Crowley and why he was passed over for the part of Jason in Freddy V's Jason.

Tyler Mane played Michael Myers in Rob Zombies Halloween and Sabertooth in X-Men, now he has is own production company Mane Entertainment, I talk to him about his various projects.

I talk to scream queen Danielle Harris

Sean Whalen is best known for his roles as Roach in Wes Cravens The People Under the Stairs and the 'Got Milk' advert, I talk to him about what it was like to work with Wes and his love of comedy.

Derek Mears starred as Jason Vorhees in the 2009 Friday the 13th rebooth and Edward in Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, I talk to Derek about his numerous roles and the values he holds close to his heart.

Muse Watson has starred as Ben Willis the killer in I Know What You Did Last Summer, Charles Westmoreland in Prison Break and Mike Franks in NCIS, I talk to Muse about his career.

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